Types of spawn:

Large gelatinous spawn clumps (black/brown eggs):
True frogs Rana-species

spawn True frogs

Small spawn clumps
(pale grey eggs):
Tree frog Hyla arborea


spawn Tree frog

In long strings (black eggs):
True toads Bufo-species

spawn True toads

In thick strains
(dark grey eggs) :
Common spadefoot Pelobates fuscus

spawn spadefoot

In groups up to 50 eggs or single (brown eggs):
Toads Bombina-species

spawn Red-/Yellow-bellied toads

Separately folded in leaves
(white or bicoloured eggs):
Newts Triturus-species

spawn newts

(Source: W. Engelhardt; Kosmos field guide, modified 1998 and 2000)