Larvae of Green frog complex Pelophylax (Rana) lessonae, Pelophylax (Rana kl. esculenta) kl esculentus, P. ridibunda

  • without external gills (tadpole)
  • eyes not prominent
  • golden belly, unspotted
  • Total length:
    up to about 80 mm (large!)
  • Second largest of all European tadpoles. Distinction between tadpoles of the three forms impossible on the spot.
  • Applying to all three: unspotted, bright white-yellow belly looks like the tree frog tadpole. But then the position of the eyes is distinctive: on the head and not on the exterior edge.

  • Young larvae from 10-17 mm with light spots (!) next to the eyes,
    looking like a mask.

Grenouille rieuse (F), Grenouille verte/de Lessona (F); Grote groene Kikker (NL), Klein Groene en Groene Kikker (NL); Sjögroda (S), Ätlig Groda /Dammgroda (S); Latterfrø (DK), Grøn frø/ Kortbenet Grøn frø (DK); Skokan skrehotavý (CZ), Skokan zelený (CZ)

Green frog Larvae
(D = dorsal, back; V = ventral, underside)


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