Larvae of Yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata (hilly or mountainous areas)

  • no external gills
  • eyes not prominent
    the yellow spots between the eyes do not extend to the end of the trunk, like in young larvae of Fire-bellied toad. In some Yellow-bellied toad tadpoles the light parts next to the eyes aren't prominent.
  • underside not black or grey and belly not golden or unspotted
  • Tail fin reticulated, spotted
  • early stage above wtihout two longitudinal yellow stripes
  • Total length:
    up to about 45 mm
  • only found:
    in hilly or mountainous area
    This makes larvae of a total length of 10-15 mm clearly distinguishable from Fire-bellied toad larvae. Also the site where the tadpole is found can be of help.

Sonneur à ventre jaune (F); Geelbuikvuurpad (NL); Gulbukig Klockgroda (S); Gulbuget Klokkefrø (DK); Kunka zlutobrichá (CZ)

Yellow-bellied Toad Larvae
(D = dorsal, back; V = ventral, underside)