Central European Amphibians [home]

Fire-bellied toad
Bombina bombina

Natterjack toad
Bufo calamita

Common frog
(Grass frog)

Rana temporaria

Marsh frog
Pelophylax (Rana) ridibunda

Great crested newt
Triturus cristatus

Yellow-bellied toad
Bombina variegata

Green toad
Bufo viridis (complex)

Moor frog
Rana arvalis

Alpine newt
Ichthyosaura (Triturus) alpestris

Alpine salamander
Salamandra atra

Midwife toad
Alytes obstetricans

Common spadefoot
Pelobates fuscus

Agile frog
Rana dalmatina

Smooth newt
Lissotriton (Triturus) vulgaris

Fire salamander
Salamandra salamandra

Common toad
Bufo bufo

Tree frog
Hyla arborea

Green frog complex
Pelophylax (Rana) lessonae/
Pelophylax (Rana kl. esculenta) kl. esculentus

Palmate newt
Lissotriton (Triturus) helveticus


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