Triton palmé (F); Vinpootsalamander (NL); Trådsalamander (S); Trådvandsalamander (DK); Colek hrataný (CZ)

Western Europe including Great Britain, from northern Portugal to Eastern Germany and westernmost Czech Republic. More adundant in hilly regions; in the Pyrenees up to 2400 m.

about 6,5-8,5 cm
about 7,5-9,5 cm

Metamorphosed Animals:
tail ending in obvious filament and dark webbed hind feet. Belly spotted, but centre of belly and throat often unspotted. Lower tail fin unspotted. have two light tubercles on sole of feet; their belly usually unspotted.

March to July. Terrestrial after breeding.
Terrestrial without tail filament and webbing. often have a light dorsal stripe (photo).


Palmate newt
Lissotriton (Triturus) helveticus

Palmate newt

Palmate newt: (above) / (centre);
and cloaca area of(right above)
and (right below);
below: female in terrestrial appearence

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