Triton Crêté (F); Kamsalamander (NL); Större Vattensalamander (S); Stor Vandsalamander (DK); Colek velký (CZ)

Great Britain, Western, Central and Eastern Europe north of the Alps; in the north until Central Scandinavia and southern Finland. Usually below 1100 m.

about11-16 cm
about 12-18 cm

Metamorphosed Animals:

Yellow to orange belly of adults usually dark spotted, in juveniles also unspotted.
Underside of head white granulated.

Middle of March to May.
Some animals stay in the water to autumn, a few to the next spring. Terrestrial now and then have low rest of crest on back, black, often almost always in their first year with light dorsal stripe.



Great crested newt
Triturus cristatus

female Great crested newt
male Great crested newt

(above and left, belly view) /
(centre, crest);
below: juvenile (terrestrial appearence)
XXL slide