Salamandre noire (F); Alpenlandsalamander (NL); Alpsalamander (S); Alpesalamander (DK); Mlok cerný (CZ)

Central and Eastern Alps, abundant on the northern slopes, scattered on the southern side and through the Dinaric mountains until northern Albania. Rare below 700 m.

about 9-14 cm
about 9-15 cm

Metamorphosed Animals:
Back shiny uniform black, belly uniform black to lead grey.

Takes place outside the water all summer, mainly between 4-8 a.m. Hibernation takes about 6 months (at 900 m) to 7-8 months (at 2000 m).

Developing already within the body of their mother into fully metamorphosed young. Every three (up to 1000 m) or four years (at higher altitudes) generally two young are given birth.

Alpine salamander
Salamandra atra

Belly of alpine salamander
Alpine salamander

Alpine salamander (above: Belly view)
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no tadpole