Grenouille rieuse (F); Grote groene Kikker (NL); Sjögroda (S); Latterfrø (DK); Skokan skrehotavý (CZ)

Great plains and river systems of Eastern Europe; introduced in many parts of Western Europe.


about 6,5-10 cm;
about 7,5-14 cm

Pupil: , horizontal oval to almost round.

Metamorphosed Animal:
Back olive-green, dark green to brownish, often with bright vertebral stripe. Dark to black pattern of spots. Belly marbled. Small metatarsal tubercle, the first toe at least 2,3 times as long as tubercle (photo).
recognizable by the dark grey to black nuptial pads on the thumbs.

May/June. The noisy, bold call is typical to the Lake frog. The laterally bulged vocal sacs are smoky grey to dark metallic.


Marsh frog Pelophylax (Rana) ridibunda
Marsh frog

Adult Marsh frog
XXL slide




Of all True frogs only the Green frogs live in or near the water all summer and into autumn, fleeing into the water and, under suitable weather conditions, calling day and night.