Sonneur à ventre jaune (F); Geelbuikvuurpad (NL); Gulbukig Klockgroda (S); Gulbuget Klokkefrø (DK); Kunka zlutobrichá (CZ)

Distribution: Hilly regions of Central Europe; Italy, Carpathians and the Balkans also at higher altitudes up to 2000 m.

Size: about 3-5 cm;

Pupil: heart-shaped;

Metamorphosed Animal:
Underside yellow with black to leaden spots. Yellow parts usually connected in an individually characteristic pattern, like a fingerprint. Back grey-brown to dark olive, warty, sometimes with two or four light or green spots on the back.

April to July/August.

Bright, musical "poop….poop….poop", separated by less than 1.5 sec. Males lack an internal vocal sac, so they hardly inflate their throat when calling, in contrast to Fire-bellied toad males. Unlike most other anurans Yellow-bellied toads usually live in or near the water from spring to autumn. Yellow-bellied toads are satisfied with very small waters for spawning, often even with water-filled car tracks.

Yellow-bellied toad
Bombina variegata
Yellow-bellied toad

Adult Yellow-bellied toad
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