Crapaud commun (F); Gewone Pad (NL); Vanlig Padda (S); Skrubtudse (DK); Ropuche obescná (CZ)

All over Europe with the exception of Ireland and northern Scandinavia. Alps up to 2400 m.

about 5-9 cm;
about 6-11 cm

Pupil: , horizontal, iris bronze coloured;

Metamorphosed Animal:
Back warty, usually brown, uniform or dark spotted. Also animals with red(dish) or whit(ish) pattern of spots can be found. Parotoid glands prominent. Underside light, often dark marbled. Tubercles on underside of hind toes paired. Like the Common frog, a very common anuran. Returns to spawning water (toads' migration) for breeding, but colonizes also newly build ponds. Runt animals aren't unusual.

The Common toad arrives after Common, Moor and Agile frogs in March/April. Mating calls are rarely heard, but most often the short, bright, male release calls.


Common toad Bufo Bufo
Common toad

Adult Common toad
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